Dog beds for your four-legged friend

Are you looking for a dog sofa that combines luxury and comfort? Or are you looking for an orthopaedic dog sofa? DOGS in the CITY offers you a wide range of dog baskets made of high quality materials for luxury dogs. Our dog beds are manufactured in Germany. Profit with us additionally from individual custom-made products for your dog. All fabrics are robust and resistant to animal hair. With us you find the optimal dog bed for Luxurydogs - all the same whether large or small. Also a dog basket, which is exclusive and fits perfectly into your furnishing style, is to be found with us. Our products are handcrafted professionally and with the greatest care. Our dog baskets in grey or other colours are the ideal retreat and resting place for your best friend. Also Luxurydogs find the suitable sleep place with us. Here you will also find the matching dog sofa, which is orthopaedic. Also a dog sofa, which combines luxury and cosiness, is to be found with us. Buy your dog basket exclusively from us. We offer you everything from the simple dog basket in grey, to the dog sofa, which is orthopedically best suited, everything.  

Exclusive dog baskets
Here you will find the optimal dog sofa. Luxury, comfort and quality are our top priorities. With us you profit from the large selection of different dog baskets and dog beds for Luxurydogs. Our dog baskets are exclusive and available in different sizes. No matter whether dog baskets in grey, blue or pink, here you will find the optimal dog basket for your taste. On our dog sofa, which unites luxury and comfort, your four-legged friend can feel good. We pay attention with our dog baskets to a high sleep and couch comfort. The dog baskets are hygienic and easy to clean. With us you receive a dog sofa, which is orthopedic and which protects the joints and your dog. Especially dogs suffering from joint problems benefit from our dog sofa, which is orthopaedic. Here you will find a dog sofa that combines luxury and comfort. But even if you are looking for a simple dog basket in grey, you will find what you are looking for here.
For a restful sleep
We offer you dog pillows in different designs and sizes, on which your dog will find a restful sleep. Our dog pillows are practical and comfortable and can also be taken on journeys. So your dog always has his sleeping place with him when travelling, where he feels comfortable. The pillows do not need as much space as a dog basket. So for all Luxurydogs the suitable comfortable pillow is present. Our dog cushions are filled with a stable flake mixture, so that the Luxurydogs are always offered sufficient support. Therefore, our dog pillows are also suitable for dogs with joint problems.
Dog blankets
In our assortment you will find different dog blankets and Travel Mats. The dog blankets are colour-coordinated with our collections and can be perfectly combined with our dog baskets exclusively. For your dog basket in grey you will find the matching grey blanket. And also for the dog sofa, which is orthopaedic, there is the suitable dog blanket. Our dog blankets are suitable for Luxurysdogs both for journeys and for your own sofa. Our blankets are double laid and provided inside with a soft cuddly fleece. You will find dog blankets with handles, which can be easily rolled in and out again. We also offer you a particularly fine and noble collection of dog blankets. Our luxury synthetic fur blankets can be ideally combined with a dog sofa, which embodies luxury, or with a dog basket in grey.

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