EXCLUSIVE DOG BEDS AND CUSHIONS - designed & handmade in Germany & EU neighboring countries - SIMPLY GOOD!

DOGS in the CITY - a gorgeous German brand was founded in 2006 by Nicole Meins.

Her idea to create sleeping places for dogs are not only to be produced healthy, sustainable and fair, but also as a piece of beautiful and trendy furniture in their own home, thus enhancing their own interior.

All materials used are purchased and processed from Germany and EU neighboring countries. Small to medium-sized family businesses work together with love and creativity together to create high-quality, long-lasting, healthy and simply beautiful sleeping and resting places for dogs.

In this way, the beautiful new dog sofa, the dog bed for the smallest dogs in XS up to the large dogs in XXL, the dog cushion with support function in S to XL and for the perfect finish the appropriate dog covers is created in loving and professional handicraft.

Outer materials, as well as filling materials, meet the highest quality and environmental requirements.

Use of animal products or animal by-products, such as leather, fur, wool or others are deliberately avoided.

DOGS in the CITY is a manufacturer for dog beds, cushions and dog blankets for dogs with the highest demands.
    DOGS in the CITY | Nicole Meins