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Handmade Dog Beds & Dog Baskets from the label DOGS in the CITY

In the design of the form and the materials used, attention was paid not only to the visual aspects, but also to high sleeping and lying comfort.
All dog beddings from the label DOGS in the CITY are abatable and machine washable. Easy handling, very hygienic.
The cushions are stable, supportive and gentle for the joints of your dog. Also the inner cushions of the dog baskets are machine washable.
By the high comfort your dog will feel like on cloud 7.
The materials used are generally highly robust, resistant to animal hair, color and insensible. Light soiling and stains can also be removed with soapy liquor and sponge. 
Whether for large dogs or for small dogs: with DOGS in the CITY you will definitely find the perfect new sleeping place for your dog.
We hope you enjoy browsing!

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